Go Yoga Studio Etiquette

To ensure you and your fellow Yogis have a rewarding Yoga experience, I ask that you observe the following guidelines when attending a class or course at GO YOGA.


If you are attending a GO YOGA class or course, booking is essential as class size is limited to a maximum of 12 students to ensure individual attention where required. Bookings can be done via our contact page here up to 36 hours before the given class so that if the class is cancelled (if less than 3 students are booked), there is sufficient time for those who booked to be notified. Late cancellations (less than 36 hours notice) or no shows will be given grace on the first occasion, but repeated cancellations will result in full payment of class cost. Students booked in for any given class will be sent an email the day before class confirming their booking, so keep an eye on your inbox. Payment must be made prior to participation, either in cash at the beginning of class or via direct internet banking transfer. Please note personal cheques are not accepted. Class times may change according to participation.

Parking and Arrival

You are more than welcome to park your vehicle in the driveway of the property if space allows. Alternatively you can park on one side of Sturt Rd (west-bound only for early morning classes and east-bound for early evening classes). Please enter the rear of the property via the side gate near the frangipani tree. This gate is open 10 minutes prior to scheduled class time and remains open until the last student leaves. The path from here leads into the backyard via a second gate – please ensure after entering the backyard this second gate is closed.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to class to give yourself time to sign in (even if you booked online) and pay, discuss any issues with Jackie if need be and prepare for practice. A period of silence is encouraged, so upon entering roll out your mat to peacefully sit, lie down or enjoy a few stretches on your own.

Leaving Early

As a courtesy to your teacher and fellow yogins, please commit to a full practice from start to finish. Savasana (final relaxation or “corpse pose”) is an integral part of your practice, intended to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Leaving at this time disrupts your fellow yogins. Please respect this moment of rest and support our entire community by staying on your mat and refraining from leaving early. If you must leave early, please advise Jackie so she can let you know to leave in the poses before Savasana and try to rest a few minutes yourself before leaving quietly. Remember that Savasana is a crucial balancing element of your practice and it lasts at most 5-10 minutes.

Respect the Yoga Space

Please line your mat up respectfully as classes, especially workshops, can be crowded. Keep the floor clear for the safety of your fellow students and Jackie. Stow any items that you don’t need to bring into the studio in the cubes provided. Please do not leave your phone or electronic device switched on as this will distract you and others during practice.

Please leave valuables at home. Go Yoga is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Refrain from wearing any strong perfume, cologne or lotion. During class, please refrain from talking unless group interaction is specifically invited (which it often is!).

Ailments and Injuries

Please inform Jackie before class if you have any pre-existing, recent or chronic injuries or medical conditions not detailed on your registration form. Remember you are responsible for your body so observe signs of strain and be prepared to adjust or modify as needed.

Questions, Suggestions and Feedback

Feel free to ask questions anytime – Jackie is here to help you. She is always open to requests and ideas for classes, courses, Yoga workshops and Satsang (Yoga community gatherings). She also needs to know if you are experiencing pain or discomfort during class. Know you can confidentially discuss anything you wish concerning your practice and how it translates to your everyday life. Let Jackie know what is or is not working for you in classes and perhaps consider taking a few private sessions to focus on your unique needs and goals. Fill out the form below if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback for Go Yoga.