Private Sessions, Specialised Small Group Yoga and Corporate Yoga

Private sessions

Yoga was traditionally taught one-on-one with yogic masters passing down their wisdom to devotees in a way that was meaningful to each student. Individualized attention for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth is perhaps even more important in today’s fast-paced, multitasking way of life. Private Yoga sessions can help you delve deeper into your body, heart and mind and aid the release of blockages that can be difficult to process in a class setting.
By working one-on-one with Jackie at the Brighton studio or in your own home, she can better address your specific needs and goals. Whether you are working through an injury or medical condition, need to refine your yoga asana practice, or wish to cultivate a more yogic lifestyle, private Yoga sessions can equip you with valuable tools for happiness whatever your current situation.
Jackie also works one-on-one with students wishing to set up their own home practice, as well as those wanting to learn details about poses, breathing and meditation that may otherwise be difficult to learn in a large class. Private instruction is especially helpful if you are new to the practice, struggling with certain poses or have medical issues that need attention. Valuable modifications, the proper use of props and specific adjustments are all covered. Some students find that just a few sessions are enough to take their practice to the next level, while others prefer regular sessions to augment their group and home practice. Please contact us to book a private yoga session.

Specialised Small Group Yoga

Do you belong to a sports or social club looking to inject something different into your group meets? Do you have a circle of friends wishing to do something fun together while getting some precious “me time”. Go Yoga tailors classes, courses and workshops for small groups of 2-8 students that are a little less formal and more lighthearted than your regular Yoga class.
Similar to corporate Yoga, Go Yoga can come to your clubhouse, your home, or you can book the studio with a program tailored specifically to your common interest, background and long-term goals. Previous courses have included Yoga for cyclists, Yoga for runners, Yoga for golfers, Mothers group Yoga, Family Yoga, Yoga for the golden years and Yoga for scoliosis.
Discover how small group Yoga can bring greater happiness, understanding, compassion and a stronger sense of camaraderie and connection to your friends and family in a cheerful and relaxed setting. Please contact us to book a specialised small group Yoga session.

Corporate Yoga

Are you concerned about the health and wellbeing of your staff, or do you have a wellness program already in place at your workplace? Perhaps you’re already a passionate Yoga student and know that your fellow workmates would benefit from a Yoga practice of gentle Yoga postures, meditation and/or relaxation techniques?
Go Yoga can come to you with Yoga classes and workshops to any company or organization around Adelaide and it’s suburban areas. Go Yoga can also run Yoga classes at the Brighton studio for colleagues that prefer to attend classes away from work. Classes can be conducted anytime across the working day, but most popular are sessions at lunchtime and immediately after work.
By collaborating the needs and goals of your staff, Jackie can put together a complete holistic program either as a course of regular weekly classes or a unity-building workshop. To get started all you need is a group of up to 15 people and a quiet, clear space – most board and meeting rooms, cleared of tables and chairs, can usually accommodate up to 15 students. Students of corporate Yoga find that it’s a wonderful way to rejuvenate and release pent-up stress caused by a hectic schedule and bring balance to the working environment. The vibrant energy and sense of calm created with Yoga in the workplace can further resonate into all aspects of your daily life! Please contact us to book a Corporate Yoga session.

Yoga and Ayurveda Lifestyle analysis

Much more than just a stretch, strength and breathing class, yoga is a lifestyle. Deeper practices can bring up a number of questions about the transformational process that yoga initiates. In a lifestyle analysis session, Jackie explores the non-physical aspect of yoga as it pertains to you. Together, you may discuss ways to modify your daily routine, your diet, your lifestyle. You may talk about issues that arise during your physical Yoga class or meditation practice. You can even go over how applying the principles of yoga philosophy can help to heal various aspects of your life. Many students find that yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle analysis is a great way to organize your thoughts, understand the practice in a more personal way and get valuable tools for creating more balance in your life. Please contact us to book a Yoga and Ayurveda Lifestyle analysis.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Sometimes even Yoga teachers can get caught in a rut. Jackie offers mentoring sessions for new teacher trainees and new teachers as an opportunity to talk about teaching and address every aspect of teaching that is troubling them.  In a confidential way she explores whatever is arising for them as a teacher, from creating class themes to asana adjustments, and defines concrete measures for them to grow in their own faith and assurance as a teacher. *Mentoring sessions are eligible for Continuing Professional Development credit with Yoga Australia. Please contact us to book a Yoga Teacher Mentoring Session.

Book a Session

One-hour classes, workshops and weekly courses for all of the sessions listed above can be booked during the following times:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 11am-5pm
  • Tuesday, Friday and Sunday 12 noon-3pm

Please contact us to book.

Jackie offering an adjustment to a student in a small group Yoga session