Yoga Tips for Beginners

Health Rebates

Did you know that a number of Australian Health funds now provide rebates for yoga classes and private sessions from registered Yoga Australia Teachers? Consult your health fund directly or look up the Yoga Australia website for a list of Health Funds providing rebates and more information.

Clothing and Mats

Wear comfortable, lightweight attire that moves and stretches with your body. Excessively baggy clothing may hinder your movements so choose clothes that are close fitting, flexible and non-binding. Layer clothing as you may get quite warm-hot during practice but cool down quickly during savasana. No shoes are worn during practice and socks can be very slippery on a yoga mat. A limited number of mats are available but using your own Yoga mat is encouraged as it is your sacred space after all. Any personal props to encourage ease in your practice such as thick blankets, blocks and straps are also strongly recommended, especially for beginners.

Yoga is Best Practiced on an Empty Stomach

Try to eat at least 2 hours before practice. If you do need a snack, keep it light. Due to the practice of pranayama, it is strongly advised not to chew gum during practice. With the exception of prenatal Yoga, it is best not to drink during class, so try to drink enough fluids prior to coming. Water dowses the purifying heat that we build during practice and our perceived need for water is often merely a reflection of the fluctuating mind. Please do not chew gum as this is contraindicative to the breath control (pranayama) practiced during class.

Working at Your Edge

In Yoga it’s often said to work at your “edge”, the place between comfort and discomfort. Understanding your own limitations is very important. Watch for signs of struggle in the body and breath and be prepared to modify your pose. If you are holding the breath or the breath becomes rapid, take rest until steadiness and ease returns. We all have unique abilities, part of Yoga practice is to cultivate equanimity and let go of expectation, judgement and comparison.


If you are attending a GO YOGA class or course, booking is essential as class size is limited to a maximum of 12 students to ensure individual attention where required. Bookings can be done via our contact page here up to 36 hours before the given class so that if the class is cancelled (if less than 5 students are booked), there is sufficient time for those who booked to be notified. Late cancellations (less than 36 hours notice) or no shows will be given grace on the first occasion, but repeated cancellations will result in full payment of class cost. Students booked in for any given class will be sent an email the day before class confirming their booking, so keep an eye on your inbox. Payment must be made prior to participation, either in cash at the beginning of class or via direct internet banking transfer. Please note personal cheques are not accepted. Please contact us to book a class – Just include the specified class in the comments box.

Ailments and Injuries

Always inform Jackie before class if you have any pre-existing, recent or chronic injuries or medical conditions not detailed on your registration form. Remember you are responsible for your body so observe signs of strain and be prepared to adjust or modify as needed.