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I’ve decided that our media-driven world needs to reshape the way society views the practice of Yoga and the people who practice’s not just hot, young people performing crazy acrobatics! So I’m countering it by posting what real Yoga looks like with some true Yogins and Yoginis that hail right here in little old Adelaide. Each week I’m asking them the same questions so you all can get an insight as to why Yoga is for everyBODY!

Esther is our rainbow unicorn spiritual warrior, it seems every week she has a new colour aura…or perhaps it’s just her hair🦄 this animal lover began her #yogapractise with me 4 years ago and she is hands-down Cooper’s (the family dog) favourite Go Yogini.

What drew you to begin practicing Yoga?

I initially was drawn to yoga for two reasons; as a way of increasing flexibility and strengthening my body, and as an avenue for self-care.

What is your favourite class and why do you keep a regular practice?

When I first started practising my favourite class was the Jivamukti class because of the diverse range of physical challenges but I really enjoy the spiritual warrior class more now  because of its structured setting and as I get to practice and get better at the same things. I keep regular practice because I enjoy coming to class and seeing everyone, I enjoy seeing my body change and grow and strengthen, and because the structure and routine of regular practice is important to my self-care.

Have the philosophies and/or practical practice of Yoga penetrated your daily life and if you, how?

The practice of yoga has definitely helped with my posture and breathing and the philosophy of yoga has also given me helpful strategies in dealing with daily stress and how I view my place in the world.

In your view is Yoga for everyBODY?

Definitely, there’s something for everyone and something of benefit to everyone.
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