My Yoga Easter


Now the dawn of buns and chocolate is rapidly approaching, I’ve found myself reflecting on what this time of the year means to me now.

Baptised Catholic at just one month old, I went rogue in my teens as religion just wasn’t addressing the questions important to me at that time. I have since found in Yoga philosophy many answers to these questions. The Yoga practices of asana, pranayama and meditation have also become an avenue for me to experience spirit, to feel love, hope and faith. Does this mean Yoga is slowly making me religious? I don’t think so, but Yoga’s teachings are so simple and widespread that it has given me a more patient understanding and acceptance of all religions.

Consequently, I do feel a little emotional on Good Friday. Not necessarily for the crucifixion of Christ but certainly for the symbolism it represents of the suffering faced by many right now in my lifetime. Even as a non-Catholic I can try to celebrate Easter Sunday with a sense of resurrection, or perhaps more appropriately with the secular tradition of the Easter egg, with the joyfulness of rebirth; No matter their age or their past actions, everyone has limitless potential for happiness that is real, right here and right now.  In every moment we can create a new life of hope and joy…especially when running around with the kids collecting and chomping chocolate eggs!

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