Real People Practicing True Yoga – Meet Josy!

I’ve decided that our media-driven world needs to reshape the way society views the practice of Yoga and the people who practice’s not just hot, young people performing crazy acrobatics! So I’m fighting it by posting what real Yoga looks like with some true Yogins and Yoginis that hail right here in little old Adelaide. Each week I’m asking them the same questions so you all can get an insight as to why Yoga is for everyBODY!

Shoulderstand, Salamba SarvangasanaMeet Josy

Josy is 70 years old and has been coming to Go Yoga since mid 2014
What drew you to begin practicing Yoga?
The desire for inner peace combined with muscle strength and suppleness.
What is your favourite class and why do you keep a regular practice?
Jivamukti  Open and Spiritual Warrior. Strengthening, balance, movement/Breath in sync.
Have the philosophies and/or the practical practice of Yoga penetrated your daily life and if so, how?
Focus on my being, self worth, balance, future independence. By being aware of my expectations of independence in the future. In the way I carry myself I am more aware of posture, breath, mind focus, peaceful demeanour.
In your view is Yoga for everyBODY?
A definite YES for anybody! My wish is for Yoga and Meditation to be taught in schools from a very early age, to carry us through in fulfilment to life being the very best for us ; mind and body. Not negotiable. ?
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