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Meet Gary

I’ve decided that our media-driven world needs to reshape the way society views the practice of Yoga and the people who practice’s not just hot, young people performing crazy acrobatics! So I’m fighting it by posting what real Yoga looks like with some true Yogins and Yoginis that hail right here in little old Adelaide. Each week I’m asking them the same questions so you all can get an insight as to why Yoga is for everyBODY!

Gary in Fire log pose/agnistambhasana

Meet Gary

Gary began practicing yoga with me as part of a Corporate Yoga class at his workplace in 2009, but joined classes at the studio after wanting more! Back then I had to physically help him out of a pose like agnistambhasana, seen opposite. With dedication his asana practice blossomed and, as you’ll read below, so too did his holistic view on life.

What drew you to begin practicing Yoga?

There are 2 main reasons that drew me to yoga. One was  the need for increased flexibility in my muscles and joints to help me deal with the daily rigours of parenting 4 boys. Secondly, I studied Indian History in Year 11 and 12 looking deeply at the different religions in India. Yoga(not a religion) kept being mentioned with its leaders and teachings which  intrigued me. Its values and beliefs can easily be applied in daily life especially at the fast pace we live with now.


What is your favourite class and why do you keep a regular practice?

My favourite two classes are Jivamukti Open and Spiritual Warrior. Jivamukti Open is a fun class where you can work at your own level with breath control. Spiritual Warrior is a more structured class where you follow a set routine each time requiring a bit more discipline. They are both dynamic classes that make you feel  reinvigorated  ready for the day ahead. As a surf boat rower I commit to a regular practice to keep my flexibility and as a primary teacher the meditation and values lessons help keep me thinking  positively in both the classroom and life.


Have the philosophies and/or practical practice of Yoga penetrated your daily life and if you, how?

There is always a renewed energy after each session that leads into a positive outlook for the day. The philosophies are important as a wakeup call because you can become so absorbed in your daily life that you forget the little things that make you happy and keep you going, but they also make you think about the bigger picture around the world and how your positive outlook can have a ripple effect with others.



In your view is Yoga for everyBODY?

Yoga can be for any person, age, shape or size. There are no limits. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to find an hour to escape the fast paced world they live in and to put a bit of perspective back in their lives.

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