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Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Spring gardenWith the weather warming and the blossoms budding I have found myself this week in the throws of spring cleaning. At first I felt daunted by everything that needed to be sorted through, but I’ve decided to take it slow and in complete mindfulness like a true Yogini. Rather than be overwhelmed, I’m giving myself the entire season to get the job done. By giving a half an hour here, 20 minutes there, the tasks are gradually getting ticked off the list.

The Jivamukti Focus of the month is “the magic of cooking” and this has turned my attention to the kitchen – I am currently taking a break from emptying all the drawers, wiping down the insides, trashing the junk and putting everything that is necessary back in its rightful place. Over the next few days I’ll attack the tupperware cupboard, which has grown to now include various take-out containers and jars that I always think I can recycle a use for. I also suspect a number of children’s plastic cups, plates and bowls may make their way to the Magdeline Centre (along with the 2 bags of kids clothes and shoes – their winter wardrobe was last week!). After this I’ll tackle the pantry where much disorder lies (food is dumped on any shelf that has an inch of space). Judging by the number of cans that I actually can see, I’m sure a few pots of mexican bean chilli will be on the menu soon too.

Does spring cause you to stop and assess your clutter? Dealing with it is half the battle, but I find when I’m up and running I gain momentum to keep going. Its a great way to get rid of junk that is weighing you down, both in the home and in your life. I personally can’t wait until my kitchen is sparkling clean and ordered – cooking with mindfulness will be a breeze when everything is easy to find! What are your tips for a satisfying spring clean?

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