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Go Yoga Jivamukti Yoga Basics Course

Are you new to Yoga? Never even heard of Jivamukti? The best introduction is a comprehensive course specifically for beginners.  One of the most common (and humorous) things I hear students say is “I’m not flexible enough to start Yoga”. You don’t need to be strong, supple, young or fit to begin Yoga. By signing up to a course, you are giving yourself the gift of a dedicated Yoga practice.  This regular class time, together with “Om work” that you receive each week during the course to practice Yoga at home, will open you up to see and feel subtle changes within your body. Your body will grow stronger and move with more freedom and grace, your energy levels will increase and your temperament will even, giving you more clarity and peace.

A Jivamukti Yoga Basics course is also for you if you’ve been attending classes for a little while and are wanting to learn more about the poses and physical alignment, breath awareness, meditation and yoga philosophy.

Start the year right and be a part of the first Jivamukti Basics course that GO YOGA will run for 2015! The course runs for 4 weeks and each class is 90 minutes in length, slightly longer than a regular class. Pre-registration is now open as these courses usually book out fast. *Student numbers are strictly limited to maximise individual care and attention.

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