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Lounging around watching my vision materialise!

Studio 2

Turns out the flu and colds going around this winter are hard to shake. I’ve heard so many of you and your families succumbing for weeks, I hope the sunshine expected at the end of the week brings new health to you all. I myself have been alternating classes with deep rest to try to lose the chest infection and subsequent husky cartoon character tone my voice has acquired!

This extra time at home has allowed me to experience the transformation of my large backyard shed into a magnificent, warm and inviting Yoga room. It has literally been a labour of love and I am forever grateful for the selfless work of my husband and father-in-law. As many of you artists out there may appreciate, it’s extremely difficult to articulate a vision but due to the combined efforts of many, mine has materialised. I simply can not wait for you all to come on over for classes in what I hope will be a truly grand, sacred and comforting space!

We are marking the opening of this new studio with a special 90 minute Jivamukti class on Sunday September 20th beginning at 11am. Tickets are $26 ($30 on the day) and include a Tofurkey vegan sausage sizzle afterwards. Please do join in the fun and come along – the class is limited to the first 12 students, but my husband has kindly suggested that if this 11am class books out we’ll run another one beforehand at 9:30am and he’ll cook some vegan, gluten-free pancakes for those students afterwards! Contact me to book ASAP as I’d really like to see all of you there!

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