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Meet Ai

I’ve decided that our media-driven world needs to reshape the way society views the practice of Yoga and the people who practice’s not just hot, young people performing crazy acrobatics! So I’m countering it by posting what real Yoga looks like with some true Yogins and Yoginis that hail right here in little old Adelaide. Each week I’m asking them the same questions so you all can get an insight as to why Yoga is for everyBODY!

Meet Ai

Ai started her practice just over a year ago here at Go Yoga and has really jumped right in. She attends all 3 beginners vinyasa classes almost every week and has just recently started up Spiritual Warrior classes for the disciplined practice they instill. Yet, discipline is not something she is lacking – although a busy mum to the sassy but adorable Minnie (3 years old), Ai is always the first to arrive to class and finds her peace in sukhasana pose while everyone else piles in. Over summer you’ll recognise her as the Frangipani Yogini, petite and exotic with the sweet smelling white flowers in her hair. Read about her Yoga story…

What drew you to begin practicing Yoga?

I was originally drawn to Yoga as I was looking for something to help me de stress and to seek relief from my busy everyday life, especially with my young toddler. I was also in need for inner peace at that time.

What is your favourite class and why do you keep a regular practice?

My current favourite class is the Beginners Vinyasa class, as I would like to learn the basic poses properly before I go onto the more advanced classes. I keep my regular practice to stay physically and mentally fit, and of course to be Happy!

Have the philosophies and/or practical practice of Yoga penetrated your daily life and if you, how?

The philosophy of yoga has taught me to (and continues to) stop comparing myself to others in a negative way, to love and accept myself and to be truly happy with who I am. I am now a much happier person and that means that I am also a kinder person to others as well. Ever since I started practicing yoga, I am much more active and I now have a strong desire to improve my yoga skills.

In your view is Yoga for everyBODY?

Yoga is absolutely for EVERYONE! I am 38 years old and no matter how old you are or no matter how fit or unfit you are, you will find a happy place in every yoga posture. It’s never too late to start. My only regret with yoga is that I did not start much earlier. I am quite sure that I will be practicing yoga until the day my body gives up. Yoga has become that much of a part of my life and my joy.
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