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Meet Howard

I taught Howard privately for about 18 months before he retired and his time freed up to join classes at Go Yoga. Well, not strictly privately…his dogs often joined us on the mat too! His cheeky grin, wonderful sense of humour and generous nature mark his popular presence in class with the other students. Here’s a run-down of his Yoga story…
Hi I’m Howard, I used to practice Yoga back in the U.K. When I arrived in Adelaide life was so busy sorting everything out I just didn’t find the time. A couple of years ago I did experience some minor back issues. It was suggested that I try Yoga. I didn’t realise how much I had missed it and the benefits it can bring. I think that Yoga isn’t just about exercising the body it’s also about the mind. I find it helps to bring about a peaceful outlook to life, reduces my stress levels, and helps to see life for what it is, to be enjoyed.
Finding the right class is really important I didn’t realise how many different styles there are. Hatha Yoga and Beginner Vinyasa are the ones that I attend.  I find that attending the class weekly helps to keep my body in good shape. The day after I can really tell a difference. I also like the fact that there isn’t any competition everyone is just at a different stage of their own personal development. Also it doesn’t matter how old you are. I have found being retired (I am 62 years old) just makes it easier for me to attend a class. It’s also a chance to meet some really nice people.
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