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Go Yoga Every Damn Day

Yoga – meditation, pranayama, asana – all of these every day for the month of February!

Individually and as a culture we’re disconnected from the present moment and our bodies in many ways. We don’t always value or listen to our body, but a daily Yoga practice can help.

By having an everyday routine we commit to showing up in our bodies and in our breath, we can be more curious so that we can sense things on more subtle levels. If something in our life is a little off, we’ll feel it before it gets worse.

Commit to Go Yoga Every Damn Day (GYEDD) in February – with 4 brand new class times added to the timetable, including the new Spiritual Warrior class, you can come to as many as you wish everyday for the entire month for $120.

A regular Yoga practice is a gift to ourself, a refuge, a tool with which we can move through the ups and downs of life more skilfully, then we can be more present to live every moment!

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